About Blacklev

Blacklev is a data and technology driven distribution company for film, video and branded entertainment.
The company leverages traditional distribution, as well as online marketplaces and platforms to develop, distribute and monetize content worldwide.
Great Ideas

Why Choose Us?

We’re Effective

We create unique market value for your project to serve your purpose. Our approach is to understand your business model, connect you to the worldwide audiences and make your content commercially viable, scalable, playable, and profitable. We’re on top of the ever-evolving digital media industry as we look further into the possible futures of technology and business models regarding content, distribution and marketing.

The power of numbers

Taking a data driven approach allows us to assess market viability and help our clients achieve positive returns. Accurately gathered, measured and analyzed data determines commercial potential for your project. At the end of the day it is all about making intelligent evaluations, accurate predictions, and realistic estimations. To make your project successful, it is essential to have those numbers before you get started. The question is, how to deliver these numbers? This is where our expertise comes in. We distribute your content and deliver those numbers with transparent reports.

The power of network

We connect content creators with worldwide buyers, audiences and online marketplaces and develop proprietary strategies to distribute and monetize content. We encourage our clients to take advantage of innovations and use do-it-yourself (DIY) application, a revolutionary service which gives you leverage to control your project’s destiny.